Wireless slot car racing for everyone!

SCS Wireless for Scalextric Sports Digital

The SCS Wireless is a plug in solution to your existing track. It acts as a wireless bridge between your hand controller and the powerbase. Connect your hand control to the transmitter and the receiver to your powerbase and you are ready to go.

Adds extra functionality, such as:

  • Child Mode
  • The SCS transmitters can be configured to use reduced maximum throttle. Ideal when racing with young racers who normally would de-slot within seconds. This can be done individually on each transmitter.

  • Quick and simple Ghost Car
  • A channel can be configured to maintain a constant throttle of your choice to create ghost cars. This is done directly from your controller, just set the desired speed and pull a switch.


Features and specification

  • Works with all Scalextric SSD Power bases, 4-car and 6-car bases, including APB. ARC PRO is not supported at the moment.
  • Works with resistive controllers, such as the standard Scalextric SSD and Truspeed SSD
  • Works with slot.it digital controller SCP-1, both 3,3V and 5V.
  • It can even bridge between the two of them and produce 3.3V output from a 5V cartridge. This means that you don't need to replace your cartridge if you change from the old type Power Base to the new 3.3V APB C7042.
  • Range 10 meters
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Technology, no need for line of sight
  • Simple installation, just plug the SCS adapters in and you are ready to go!
  • Designed for low latency, less than 2ms


Wireless components

The SCS receiver (DW-SSD-R-X) is the "brain" in the system, connected to the Power base directly into the controllers jack for each channel. It receives the controller commands from a SCS compliant transmitter. This can be either the SCS transmitter box with a std controller connected or it could be a Truspeed IV DIGITAL SLOT CAR CONTROLLER.

Wireless slotcar transmitter


Wireless Transmitter


Wireless slotcar transmitter

System type Scalextric Sports Digital
No of channels 1
Frequency 2.4 GHz with Frequency shift possibility
Range 10 m
Power supply 9V battery
Weight 112 g (including battery)
Size 101*60*26 mm


The transmitter adapter makes your existing hand control wireless. It is designed to fit in your pocket.
Belt clip
9V Power supply for slot.it controls. (Please note that battery time will be significantly shorter when powering a slot.it control from the SCS Tx box.)

Wireless slotcar transmitter


Wireless Receiver


Wireless slotcar receiver

System type Scalextric Sports Digital
No of channels 2,4 or 6
Frequency 2.4 GHz with Frequency shift possibility
Range 10 m
Power supply USB power 5VDC, connector type A.
Weight 135 g
Size 105*70*38 mm


The receiver is powered through USB. 2,5m cable included. You can connect it to a PC or a separate power supply which provides USB power, same type as used by most smart phones. This power supply is not included in the standard package, since the power plug and main supply is different in diffrent parts of the world. We recommend a Power supply with minimum 250mA capacity.
Connection to the powerbase through standard 2.5mm controller jacks. 1m cables male-male are included and be replaced by longer ones if needed.