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Frequently Asked Questions



Best way to describe how the SCS adapters work in reality is to imagine them as (wireless) extension cords. It actually doesn't matter which one you connect in which channel as long as the SCS ID's corresponds.


Q: I have a Scalextric Sports or SCX Digital track with two hand controls. What do I need to make it wireless?
A: You need 1 receiver (2 channels) and 2 transmitters.

Q: Do I need a receiver with exact number of channels, or can I use just three controllers on a 4ch receiver?
A: It doesn't need to be exact numbers. You can use any number of controllers up to the maximum of the specific receiver.

Q: Are the transmitters paired with a specific and uniqe receiver?
A: No, all SCS transmitters can be used with all SCS receivers of same version. However you can't have two transmitters with same ID, that will lead to conflict. This is important if you are ordering additional transmitters to an existing system. Be sure to put a note that you need for example ID 5 and 6 if you already own ID 1-4 and want to expand with two more channels.

Q: Do I need to make any changes or wiring to my track, powerbase or hand controls?
A: No, no changes at all. SCS wireless just adds a wireless bridge between the hand control and the powerbase. It "replaces" the wire.

Q: Will my race management program or other accesories such as lap counter, pitlane game, etc work with SCS wireless?
A: Yes, everything will work as before.

Q: How many wireless controllers can be run simultaneously?
A: For the moment up to 6 controllers if you're using a 6ch SCS receiver. This is because of the 6 car limit in the SSD and SCX-D systems.

The frequencies and ID's


Q: How are the ID's distinguished from each other?
A: The ID's are connected to a specific frequency. Each ID has a corresponding frequency and as long as you are using different ID's you won't get any interference.

Q: How can we use two separately bought 2ch SCS systems together? Both systems have ID1 and 2.
A: You need to make a frequency shift on one of the systems. Please refer to the manual.



Connection Diagrams

Wireless Scalextric Wireless Scalextric

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